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Angie Marval

Category: Learning

Thank you!!! Very happy with the Wafer Paper Flowers course.


Vojtech Neuwirth

Category: Learning

Dear Ekat,

thank You for the courses! Your layering (towering) unlocked a lot of creativity in me and I have so many ideas now!


Munmun Sharma

Category: Learning

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. Just waiting for a few supplies and then I am all excited to start making the cake inspired by yours. I am deeply inspired by textures and at times get stuck with understanding a few.


Kate Revyakin

Category: Cakes

Ekaterina made us a gorgeous cake for our wedding! It didn’t only look great it was the best tasting cake I’ve ever had! Ekaterina decorated it with beautiful fresh flowers to match our color scheme for the wedding exactly like I wanted. Thank you Ekat’s cakes! Seriously great work!