Each cake we make is made completely from scratch to your requirements, and prices vary according to the size and decoration. Below you’ll find a basic price guide, which covers the different styles of cakes we offer and their ‘starting’ price. The three ‘price bands’ refer to fondant covered cakes. Price band A is for a very simple cake with a basic trim. Price band B is for a cake with a ‘medium amount’ of decoration, i.e. some detailing on the cake and a couple of sugar flowers. Price band C refers to a highly decorated cake with a lot of sugar flowers.

TiersServingsPrice Band – APrice Band – BPrice Band – CButtercreamSemi-naked
1 tier35$195.00$280.00$370.00$150.00$135.00


Fondant is a smooth icing which is rolled out to around 3mm thick then placed over a ganache-coated cake. It is our most popular finish as it creates a perfect blank canvas on which to decorate. It also helps to retain the cakes’ freshness and moisture. Buttercream covered cakes are simply coated with a generous delicious layer of buttercream around 5-7mm thick. That make great dessert cakes if you are not a fan of fondant. Due to the nature of the icing, they are not suited to warm days unless they can be kept in an air-conditioned environment. Naked and Semi naked cakes are very minimalistic when it comes to an iced finish. We prefer semi-naked finishes over bare cakes as the thin scraping over buttercream or ganache around the outside helps keep the cake more moist. If you are wanting to keep the cakes a day or two, we recommend opting for a fully coated buttercream cake or ideally a fondant cake.